Shop and Establishment Registration in Delhi

Today we at myonlineca talk about Shop & Establishment Registration in Delhi State. Shop and Establishment Certificate issued by Labour Department in Delhi. Even now department also started shop act registration online. Shop and Establishment also called labour license registration in general terms.

The shops and commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, bakeries, societies, charitable trusts, educational institutions , eating houses, premises of business for brokerage,banking,insurance firms, public places of amusement and entertainment, etc  in India are regulated by The Shops and Establishment Act which is enacted in every State in the Country.

shop and establishment registration in delhi

Who’s Required Shop and Establishment Registration in Delhi

The scope and area covered under  this Act is to regulate payment of wages, terms of service, holidays, leaves, work conditions, hours of work, overtime work, maternity leave and benefits, rules for employment of children, description of labour, etc.All shops and commercial establishments  are required to be registered under the Shops and Establishment Act within 30 days of commencement of work.Every Indian state has a separate rules and regulations with regard to conditions of work.

Shop & Establishment License in Delhi

Shops or commercial establishment that  begins operating any business needs to file an application form  to the Chief Inspector for acquiring a Shop and Establishment Act License in their respective states . In The application form for the licence The applicant must fill  the name of the employer, address of the establishment, name of the establishment, category of the establishment, number of employees and other relevant details as requested. On submission of the application The Chief Inspector verifies the application and if approved, issues a registration certificate to the applicant , after that  the shop or commercial establishment will be registered. The registration certificate is to be displayed at the shop or commercial establishment  and is to be renewed regularly and systematically by the Business owner.

Why Is it required to get Shop Act Registration in Delhi State?

Every shop and establishment  In India undoubtely needs to register itself  under Shop and Establishment Act  within 30 days of starting a  Business and for getting any other licenses, permits and certififcates ,Shop and Establishment Act License serves  as proof of a commercial business.

Records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act

Records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act are related to  employment records, fines, deductions, advances, salary and holidays etc. The requirements may vary from state to state.

Delhi Shops and Establishments Act,1954

As I have mentioned earlier in This article Every state has a separate Rules and Regulations regarding  Shop and Establishment Act. Now I would like to tell you about Delhi Shops and Establishments Act , so If you are a resident of delhi and wants to start a shop or any other commercial establishment in delhi . Then you must be familiar with Delhi Shops and Establishments Act,1954. The act came into force with effect from the 1st of February, 1955 and It extends to the whole of Union Territory of Delhi. The provisions of the Act  applies to the shops and commercial establishments located in Delhi and not to any shops and establishment outside Delhi. The act is similar in Nature to Shop and Establishment Act In India.

Procedure For  Registration  Under Delhi Shops and Establishments Act

Step 1
To register a shop or an establishment online forms are (Form A) available on website of Department of Labour, Government of Delhi. Also, while filing the form reference should be made to The Delhi Shops and Establishments Rules, 1954.

Step 2
The owner of the shop shall send a statement to the Chief Inspector in Delhi in Form “A” together with prescribed fee paid in cash, within 90 days.

Step 3
On receipt of the statement and the prescribed fees, the Chief Inspector will carry out verification and on being satisfied about the correctness of the statement, register the establishment and will issue the Registration Certificate to the owner of shop or commercial establishment In Delhi.


A Shop and Establishment Act License in Delhi is a basic and important license that is required by the owner of shop or commercial establishment. Shop and Establishment Act aims at  assuring  the benefits to employees which they are entitled to as workers and to  improve the working conditions and he quality of employees work-life. So hope you like the above guide to starting your new company registration in delhi state.