How to Register a Company or Brand Name in India

Brand Name or Company Name is one of the most important things for any startups in India so today we are talking about How to Register a Company or Brand Name in India which secure your company brand identity from the competitors or if anyone person uses then you can stop him legally.

How to Register a Company or Brand Name in India

So, First of all, we have to clear some concept regarding the brand name or company name in India. Brand Name and Company Name are both different things. For Ex- Paytm is one of the leading Ecommerce Website in India but their Company name is One97 Communication.

So Here Paytm is the Brand Name and ONE97 Communication is the Company Name. so the conclusion is  Company name or brand name can be different or can be same.

There are 2 ways to protect your Brand or Company Name in India –

a) Private Limited Company or LLP Registration Way-

Private Limited Company or LLP one of the most popular legal entity among the startups. its one of the most advantage feature is, once a name is registered under the private limited company then no one other person can create the same name company. so its mean its protect your company name.

But there is confusion that if someone person uses your private limited company name then how you can stop them from marketing or any other purpose legally. so the solution is another way which is mentioned and explained below.

b) Trademark or Brand Registration Way-

Trademark Registration is one of the most popular ways to protect your brand or any trade name in India. In the Trademark Registration, you can protect your trade name and Logo of the brand.

Following are advantages in simple terms to protect your brand name as Trademark in India –

  • You can use TM Word on your Brand Name
  • if any one person uses your brand name without your permission then you can send them Legal Notice.
  • you can protect your website domain name.

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So Hope this article helpful for you to register your Brand or Company Name in India. Here we create a practical video n this How to Register your brand or Company name in India. In this video, you learn about the practically to search a company name on the MCA Portal and on the trademark website.