How to attach a Car with Ola Cabs to start the business

Basically, these days Apps based Cabs companies are growing very fastly and many entrepreneurs from housewife to college guys attached their cars with OLA Cabs and earn good handsome money and be a entrepreneur today. so Let’s Learn the Process.

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How to Attach a Car with Ola Cabs to start the business

How to Attach a Car with Ola Cabs to doing the business

How to Attach a Car with Ola Cabs to doing the business

How to attach your Car with Ola Cabs ?

Attach Car with Ola

For the Cab Registration with Ola you have to take following steps to attach your car with Ola Cabs :-

Updated Article :- 06/05/2016

  1. First of all you have a used or brand new car to attached with Ola Cabs as Commercial Used but be in good condition.
  2. you can hire a driver which have commercial license and all the necessary documents. you can also drive yourself then no issues.
  3. You have to contact to your nearest regional office or you can directly call to the main branch for new registration of your car.
  4. you have to submit your required documents to the company.
  5. The ola company or staffs will see your car condition in your nearest regional office.
  6. Get new smart phone featured with ola app on it.
  7. Staff will guide you about the guidelines and offers.
  8. Open a Current Bank Account with Required documents which we will discussed below.
  9. Now you are ready and you can run your Ola Cabs in your city.

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Now we talk about the Require Legal Documents. For Attach your Car with Ola Cabs you need following Documents :-

Driver Documents like ID Proof, Address Proof, Police Verification etc.

Owner Documents :-

-if you are single owner and want to test your idea with OLA then register as Simple Sole Proprietorship Firm
-Take Service Tax Registration Certificate.
-Open a Current Bank Account on the basis of Service Tax Registration Certificate.

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Note – in some state like Maharashtra they required mainly the Gumasta License. Read Here How to Apply for the Gumasta License Online in Mumbai

if you have partners in the business and want to testing your ideas then you can register as Partnership Firm
-Drafting Partnership Deed
-Register with Registrar of Firms
-Apply for PAN Number on the name of partnership firm
-Open a Current Bank Account
-Apply for Service Tax Registration.

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-if you have any co founder of this business and starting a big Cab Services business then you can register a Private Limited Company
a) Apply for DSC and DIN Number.
b) Apply for Name Approval , MOA, AOA with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
c) Apply for PAN Number and Open a Current Bank Account>
d) Apply for Service Tax Registration.

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How Much Money and Bonus Make with Ola Cabs ?

On completing a single ride ola company takes only 10% of commission on total amount of bill which will be calculated by ola app itself.Ola also provide bonuses which is given down below

Peak Hour Timing :(7am to 12:30pm and 5pm to 11pm are considered as peak hours)

  • Bonus On Peak Hours – Whenever you complete any rid on peak hours then you will be awarded 250INR to your account as a bonus and it depends on you how much you complete ride on peak hours.For each ride 250INR as bonus on peak hours.
  • Bonuses On Airport Drop – Whenever you drop a customer to a airport then you will be awarded 800INR to your account.
  • Bonuses on 12 Ride Completing – Whenever you complete 12 rides in a single day then you will get 4500INR bonus in your account.

Source of Payout Policy – experience of drivers

Why Choose Ola Cabs to attach the Car

Ola Advantages for attach your card

FAQ Series on How to Attach Your Car with Ola Cabs

a) How can I attach my car with Ola?
You can visit Ola office in your city. Ola city team would be happy to guide you with the registration process.
Typical steps to register are as follows
1. Documents verification
2. Car and driver audit to meet our standards
3. Driver training
4. Contract signing and device handover

b) How much time does it take to complete the registration process?
Typically it takes close to 2hrs. to be ready to take bookings.

c) How much will I be charged for registration ?
Registration is free. You may be charged a nominal amount for the mobile device and SIM which Ola provides.

d) What documents of the car and permits do I need to attach my car with Ola?
Car Documents:
1. Valid RC Book
2. Insurance (1st Party Only)
3. Fitness Certificate
4. Tax Receipts
5. Tourist Permits

e) How will I be paid?
All your outstanding payments at the end of a day are transferred to your bank account within 2 working days.

f) How can I view my earnings?
You can view your earnings on the driver app

Legal Registration For Cab Services

You can take the legal Registration Online through a Trusted Online Legal Service Provider MyOnlineCA as Service Tax Registration or Gumasta License or Shop Act License as per your state Ola Cabs Documentation Policy.

Contact Details for Attach a Car with Ola Cabs :-

You can contact on following details –

Contact Number Directly To Main Company: (STD)-3355 3355


how to attach a car with ola cabs

how to attach a car with ola cabs

Online OnBoarding Registration

#Updated2016 – Recently Ola Cabs Started Signup Procedure on their Website. Registration Here with Ola

Helpful Resources on Cab Services in India

Hope this article is helpful for you regarding the complete guide on Ola Cabs Registration.

Attach Car with Ola

Note : We Write This Article for the Knowledge Base for attach your car with Ola or other cab companies. MyOnlineCA is Online Legal Service Provider which provides only Cab Legal Registration in India so for Cab Queries Please Contact to your Regional Ola Head office or Just Signup with the Ola Here.

Here is the Perfect Practical Explanation Video on How to Attach your Car with Ola Cabs.