Company Registration in Mumbai : Learn in next 5 Minutes

Mumbai or Bombay is capital state of the Maharashtra state, even Mumbai is one of the leading state in terms of the entrepreneurship. If you want to start a business in the Mumbai then you need the proper registration of company from the central or Maharashtra state government or BMC in Mumbai. So in this guide, we are talking “ All about New Company Registration in Mumbai”.

Company Registration in Mumbai

Mainly in the business, you need the 2 type of the registration –

1.Business registration
2.Tax registration

a) Business Registration – Business registration mainly refers to the company registration but you have to choose the proper legal entity before the online company registration in Mumbai. So let’s learn here how to register a company online with the proper legal entity –

There are 5 type of the legal entity or form of the business across India –

1.Private Limited Company Registration in Mumbai –

The private limited company required the minimum 2 Directors or shareholders in the company. If you start a business in Mumbai with your friends as co-founder or partners then Pvt Ltd company is one of the best options for the startups in Mumbai.

Here are some reason to choose the Pvt Ltd company registration

  1. If you want to raise the funds from the angel investors or venture capitalist then go with the Pvt Ltd company.
  2. If you need limited liability in the business means your personal & company assets are separate from each other.
  3. If you need name protection like no one can use the same name then yes private limited company is the best for you.
  4. If you want to hire the Big Institution candidates like IIT’s or IIM & want to provide the shares of the company with salary (ESOP option) then go with the above legal entity.

Cost or charges for the Private limited company registration in Mumbai : – if we talk about the stamp duty of Maharashtra state during the registration then it’s a very high as compare to the other state. In the Mumbai professional is charged nearby 15000/- to 20000/- INR for the private limited company registration which includes all the government cost & professional charges.

2.LLP Registration in Mumbai : –

LLP refers to limited liability partnership. It’s also required the minimum 2 partners or people for the registration. It’s a simple mixture of the partnership firm and private limited company.

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The cost of LLP Company registration in Mumbai – in the llp there is less cost as compare to the private limited company registration but LLP agreement cost matter on the capital. When you hire any llp registration consultants in Mumbai they are charging nearby 9000/- to 10000/- INR with the government cost of llp.

3.OPC Registration in Mumbai: –

OPC registration refers to one person company in mumbai. Its is a similar legal entity like the private limited company but need only the one person during the registration process.

So there is similar reason with the private limited company to choose the opc when you are a single founder of the company. If we talk about the cost then OPC Consultants are charges nearby 13000/- to 15000/- for the OPC Registration in Mumbai.

Registrar of companies office in Mumbai – above 3 legal entity are registered with the ministry of corporate affairs and each state have own MCA ROC Department. Below are the address of company registration in Mumbai office –

4.Partnership Firm in Mumbai: –

Partnership firm is required only the 2 people during the registration but its an unregistered legal entity so you can say it’s not a proper online registration oof partnership firm.

Reason to choose partnership firm – read here advantages of partnership firm

The cost of the partnership firm registration in Mumbai – partnership firm cost depend on the registrar of firms. Its cost nearby 4000/- to 7000/- INR which is charged by Mumbai professional consultants.

5.Proprietorship Firm Registration in Mumbai: –

Proprietorship firm are required only the 1 person during the registration and similar to the partnership firm means its an unregistered legal entity which gives you only the right of doing the business in Maharashtra state.

Reason to choose proprietorship firm –  you can read here advantages of proprietorship firm

The cost of proprietorship firm in Mumbai – its depend on nature of the business & tax registration. So check the tax registration section for the cost or alternative in the starting you can apply simply local municipal party shop act license. Read here about the Gumasta license registration in Mumbai.


b) Tax Registration: –  Tax registration refers to a tax number which gives you right to charge the tax from your customers so you can pay the taxes to the Maharashtra government. Even Now GST will be applicable in the year 2017 but before that VAT/CST or Service Tax in Mumbai is applicable which is state wise.

You can read here about the VAT Registration in Mumbai or Service tax registration in Mumbai.

Tip: if you still not aware about the GST then just checkout here – GST Registration

Cost – VAT or CST Registration cost in Maharashtra state nearby 35000 with the govt security which is refundable after the 3 years & service tax cost nearby 2000/- INR.
So hope this article is very helpful for the Mumbai entrepreneurs who want to start their business in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai or anywhere in the Maharashtra state.