Company Registration in Delhi

Company Registration in Delhi or NCR is required by the most of the Entrepreneurs in Delhi. In India after the bangalore which is called Silicon valley of India, Delhi is most popular place for the new business and Startups in India. There are lot of Startups in Delhi From  Oyo Rooms to Urban Clap, Zomato, Cashkaro are few names. Here is the complete list of the Delhi Startups in India.

So Most of the Startups when they are thinking about any idea or start the business in Delhi, they are looking for the legal things and first legal things is only the Business Registration or you can say Company Registration in Delhi.

Company Registration in Delhi

So Let’s learn about the Business Registration or Company Registration in Delhi State.

Private Limited Company Registration

In India real company is called Private limited company. Most of the People are confused regarding the word “Firm ” or “Company“. they also looking for the Proprietorship Company registration in delhi instead of the Firm Registration in Delhi. so Startups have to always clear their confusion regarding the Firm or Company Registration. so before the starting the registration procedure you have to clear idea about the all other business legal entity like LLP, Partnership Firm or One Person Company or Sole Proprietorship Firm.

Here is on Quora Dev Patel clear the difference between all the Legal Entities. you can read to clear your confusion

Requirements for the Company Registration in Delhi

Its required minimum 2 Director or Person for the Company Registration in Delhi. Before the 2015 Private limited company required also minimum 1 lac Rupees Capital but after the amendment now Private limited company registration required just only authorised capital instead of paid up capital.

Tip :- if Entrepreneurs are doing the Job in Delhi and they want to start the company then they can register on their Family Member Name on the Paper. even some People are single founder and they want to start the company then they can include their family Member.

Procedure for the Company Registration in Delhi

There are 7 Steps for the Company Registration in Delhi

  1. Apply for the Digital Signature(DSC) on the Director’s Name which is provided by the third parties like Edmura, Sify etc. these companies are setup by the government of India and provide the license for the digital signature.
  2. Apply for the DIN Number that is called Director identification Number which is required by every director for the company registration.
  3. Apply for the Company Name Registration in delhi or Get Approval through Ministry of Corporate affairs Portal. You have to provide at least 4-6 names because once your company name is approved, its can’nt not be used by another company in India. Before the Giving any name you can Search Company Name through MCA Portal or you can apply for the Trademark Registration in Delhi.
  4. Once the Name Approved, you can draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of the Association (AOA) of the Company. In generally MOA covers the company main object or other objects and AOA covers rules and regulation regarding the internal management of the company.
  5. Now you can Proceed with the Filings of the EForms through MCA Portal to ROC Department.
  6. Next Steps is Payment of the Stamp and ROC fees via Netbanking/Debit/Credit Cards which is based upon on the Authorised Capital of the Company.
  7. Last Step is all the forms Verify by the ROC Department and issue the Final Certification of Incorporation(COI) then you have to just open a current bank account on your company name & Apply for the pan card.

Note :- From Step 3 to Step 7 can be finished in one Shot process through the New INC 29 Form Procedure in Delhi

Cost or Charges of the Company Registration in Delhi

Company Registration in Delhi have 2 types of the Charges or Cost which is bear by the Startups in Delhi :-

a) Company Registration Government Cost

SNO Particulars Charges or Cost or Fee Total Amount in INR
1 Getting DIN 500/- INR per DIN 1000 INR
2 DSC Charges(2 Number of the Directors) 1500/- INR per DSC 3000 INR
3 Company Name Approval 1000/- INR per application 1000 INR
4 Stamp Paper and Notary Charges depend on affidavit, certification 500 INR approx
5 Company Registration in Delhi Forms, MOA,AOA (300+2000+300+300+300) 3200 INR approx
6 Stamp Duty Fee of MOA, AOA and Forms State wise 700 INR Approx
Total Cost or Govt Fee For Company Registration in Delhi 9400/-

Note :- Above cost is approx basis of the Govt Charges. its may very situation to situation or professional.

b) Company Registration Consultant in Delhi Professional Fee

Company Registration Consultant in Delhi is Charges Professional fee which is very  on the professional experience or Goodwill. Offline traditional professional charges nearby 7000/- to 15000/- INR in delhi and some Online Portal like myonlineca offers competitive pricing as compare to offline traditional professional due to online procedure and cut the cost through technology.

Documents Required for the Company Registration in Delhi

For the Company Registration in Delhi following documents are required –

For the Directors of the Company

  1. Passport Size Photographs Scanned Copies
  2. Pan Card Copy which is Mandatory thing for the Company Registration in Delhi
  3. Proof of Identity like Passport Copy or Aadhar Card Copy or Voter id Copy or Driving License Copy (Anyone)
  4. Proof of Residence on the name of Applicant as Bank Statement Copy or Electricity Bills or Telephone Bill or Mobile Postpaid Bill Copy. (Anyone)

Property Ownership Documents as Registered office 

  1. If the Property is owned by the Director or Shareholder then its required Sale Deed of Copy and NOC From the owner.
  2. if the Property is taken on rent by the director or Shareholder then its required Rent Agreement or Rent Receipt or NOC from the Owner of the Property.

In Addition to Ownership documents following anyone documents also required

  1. Electricity Bills Copy
  2. Telephone Bills Copy or Gas Bill or Mobile Bill  + Property Tax Payment Receipt

FAQ Regarding the Company Registration in Delhi

a) Can i Register my Company in Delhi at Home Address or Residential Address ?
Yes , you can Register your Company Registered office in Delhi at Residential address or Home Address.

b) If i Register my Company in Delhi then can i work from other place instead of Delhi ?
Yes, you can work from anywhere in India even if your company is registered in delhi.

c) Share Capital required 1 lac minimum means i have to deposit the 1 lac in Company Bank Account ?
No, its a like Share Value in the starting so now its not required to deposit in the Company Bank Account. you can start with any amount of Paid Up Capital.

d) My Personal Address Proof is not on delhi address ?
There is no issue, you need just one place address proof in delhi which is work as registered office address in Delhi.

Hope this Article is helpful for you to Register a Company in Delhi or NCR. if you need any help regarding the Company Registration in Delhi or NCR then you can take the help from MyOnlineCA where you can register your company at your FingerTips.